12-week session, Sept. 16 – Dec. 8, 2024

Clinical Nutrition Immersion Program

BioLounge functional medicine nutritionist Megan Barnett, MS, CNS, helps you translate your education into a successful clinical practice.
Enroll by Aug. 16 to get $250 off when paid in one lump sum. Or pay in 4 monthly installments.

Ideal candidates

Nutrition and/or functional medicine graduate students, or graduates who have completed their master’s degree, who are looking to apply their rich scientific knowledge clinically in real-life situations.

CNS hours and CE credits

You'll have the opportunity to earn up to 120 CNS hours during this program, depending on how much time you invest in each assignment. CNS's can  earn 42 CE credits.

Is this program right for you?

Visit our FAQ for more information, or book an exploratory call with Ashley Koch, MS, CNS, to determine if our program fits your needs.

What you'll learn

How to connect a health history with current symptoms and determine appropriate testing and/or treatment.
What your strengths and limitations are as a clinician so you can build a network to complement your care.
How to sharpen your skills as an investigative functional medicine provider to identify the underlying cause of your clients' symptoms.
How to apply the latest research, therapeutic tools and supplementation that have delivered results with our clients.
How to use and interpret laboratory testing results to determine root causes of symptoms and develop treatment strategies.
How to run a practice, including charting, clinical forms, HIPAA compliance, client communication, fee collection, client resources and questionnaires.
How to brand and market your practice and develop your professional network.
Got questions?

Book an exploratory call to find out if this program is right for you

Course overview

Our 3-month immersion program is made up of weekly modules that focus on different aspects of clinical nutrition. Each week includes 1-2 hours of video education, clinical observation, handouts and a live discussion on Mondays from 4-5:30 pm PST with your mentors and fellow learners (questions can submitted in advance and recordings are provided for those who cannot attend).
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* If you want to gain more experience and/or accrue more hours towards your CNS, you can complete additional case studies and treatment plans for clients in our practice.

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What is the weekly time commitment?

Most students spend 6-10 hours per week, depending on their personal engagement.

  • 1-2 hours of video education
  • 1.5 hours weekly Zoom meeting
  • 1-2 hours reviewing clinical tools
  • 3-4 hours engaging in research and applying clinical tools

Meet your instructor

Patrick Jones - Course author

Megan Barnett, MS, CNS

As a functional medicine nutritionist, I work with clients to identify what’s at the root of their health problems then design individualized, science-based approaches to alleviate their symptoms and help their bodies heal. I’ve helped clients reverse conditions they’d been told were untreatable or irreversible by conventional healthcare providers.

I have a B.S. in dietetics from Kansas University and a M.S. in human nutrition and functional medicine from University of Western States. I have extensive experience creating lectures and online education programs and love sharing my passion for health with others.

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What our students are saying

"The Clinical Nutritional Immersion Program with BioLounge is exceptional. Both Megan and Ashley show up with so much knowledge, passion, and motivation that one can't help but walk away with the desire to help our clients achieve their best results through sound nutritional coaching. They are true mentors in their profession. We are lucky to have them as a resource as we continue to grow in our own profession!"

Jill T.
"The Clinical Nutrition Immersion Program at BioLounge is an exceptional program that gave me the tools, knowledge, and confidence to start my own nutrition practice. Megan and Ashley are experts in the field of nutrition and functional medicine, and I would highly recommend this program for those looking to get practical experience."

Saundi T.

"I learned so much about how to work with patients/clients to uncover the root causes of various imbalances that cause gut dysbiosis, malaise, and a host of other GI and digestive-related health issues. The opportunity to earn CNS hours is a bonus that was really helpful for me on my path to earning my board certification status."

Summer 2022 student

"If you're ready to turn your classroom knowledge of nutrition and functional medicine into practical, professional skills but aren't sure how, then I highly recommend the Clinical Immersion Program at BioLounge. Megan and Ashley are excellent instructors."

Summer 2022 student

Need more CNS hours?

With our Clinical Nutrition Immersion Program Plus, you can earn 1,000 CNS hours

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