CNS Supervision Add-On

This 9-month program is for Clinical Nutrition Immersion Program students (past and present) who want to pursue CNS board certification. Earn all 1,000 supervised hours at a discounted rate when you complete our 3-month Immersion Program followed by this 9-month of CNS Supervision Add-On.

What's included

  • 32 weekly group supervision meetings* on Mondays from 12-1 pm PST where we can discuss your cases, including symptom presentation, lab results, client history, and applicable testing, treatment and research. You can earn up to 30 hours per week based on your client interactions.
  • 6 private supervisor meetings, prescheduled at the beginning of the course.
  • 12 shadow visits (virtual or in-clinic based on your location)

Just starting out and don't have your own patients yet?
No problem! We'll share our cases and treatment plans to help you build your practice approach and give you outside work to earn additional hours.

* There will be 3 breaks throughout the year:  2-week winter break, 2-week spring break and 4-week summer break.
BioLounge functional medicine nutritionist Megan Barnett, MS, CNS, will supervise your CNS hours.

Is supervision at BioLounge right for you?

We want you to get the most out of your supervision experience so you feel confident in your practice. Book a call with Megan Barnett, MS, CNS, to see if we're  a good fit.

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