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Clinical Nutrition Immersion Plus

This one-year program is for Master's level nutritionists (or those in their last year) looking to bridge the gap between education and clinical practice. You'll earn all 1,000 hours of supervised hours at BioLounge to qualify for the Clinical Nutrition Specialist Board Certification.

Enroll soon! Spots are limited to first 12 students.

Ideal candidates

Nutrition and/or functional medicine graduate students, or graduates with a master's degree, who are planning to pursue their CNS certification.

CNS hours

You'll have the opportunity to earn all 1,000 CNS hours during this program.

Is this program right for you?

Visit our FAQ for more information, or book an exploratory call with Ashley Koch, MS, CNS, to determine if our program fits your needs.

What you'll learn

How to connect a health history with current symptoms and determine appropriate testing and/or treatment.
What your strengths and limitations are as a clinician so you can build a network to complement your care.
How to sharpen your skills as an investigative functional medicine provider to identify the underlying cause of your clients' symptoms.
How to apply the latest research, therapeutic tools and supplementation that have delivered results with our clients.
How to use and interpret laboratory testing results to determine root causes of symptoms and develop treatment strategies.
How to run a practice, including charting, clinical forms, HIPAA compliance, client communication, fee collection, client resources and questionnaires.
How to create treatment plans for real clients with guidance and supervision from your instructors.
How to brand and market your practice and develop your professional network.
How to build and modify protocols and tools to support positive outcomes for your clients.
How to apply your skills in client interactions to get better results with your clients and become more efficient and effective.
Got questions?

Book an exploratory call to find out if this program is right for you


Clinical Nutrition Immersion Program

You'll begin with our 3-month immersion program, which is made up of weekly modules that focus on different aspects of clinical nutrition. Each week includes 1-2 hours of video education, clinical observation, handouts and a live discussion on Mondays from 4-5:30 pm PST with your mentors and fellow learners (questions can submitted in advance and recordings are provided for those who cannot attend).

CNS Supervision

Over the remaining 9 months*, you'll attend weekly group supervision meetings on Mondays from 12-1 pm PST where you can earn up to 30 hours per week based on your client interactions. You'll also get private supervisor meetings and opportunities to shadow our client appointments.
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There will be 3 breaks throughout the year:  2-week winter break, 2-week spring break and 4-week summer break.

Don't hesitate

Just starting out and don't have your own clients yet?

No problem! We'll share our cases and treatment plans to help you build your practice approach and give you outside work to earn additional hours.

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