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BioLounge is a functional medicine practice in Portland, Oregon, focused on providing collaborative care using advanced diagnostics and evidence-based tools to prevent and reverse disease. Our goal is to address underlying health issues so our clients can enjoy optimal health and longevity.

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BioLounge functional medicine nutritionists Ashley Koch, MS, CNS, and Megan Barnett, MS, CNS.
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Earn all 1,000 CNS hours with our
Clinical Nutrition Immersion Plus program

This 12-month program for Master's level nutritionists allows you to gain clinical experience and supervision in a thriving functional medicine practice.


3-month session
Are you a nutrition and/or functional medicine graduate student or a graduate looking to apply your skills in real-life situations? Earn up to 120 CNS hours or 42 CE credits with us.


Monthly commitment, meets weekly
The BioLounge mentorship provides a weekly meeting with one of our functional medicine nutritionists, giving you the time and space to discuss your client cases.

CNS Supervision

Monthly or 9-month commitment
Pursuing your CNS board certification? Earn supervised hours under the guidance of experienced CNS providers and gain meaningful experience with us.  

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You want to sharpen my skills as an investigative nutritionist, gain experience in a functional medicine practice, and earn all 1,000 CNS hours.

Enroll in our Immersion Plus program
You want to learn how to apply your nutrition education and get more clinical experience in a functional medicine practice.

Register for our Immersion program
You're looking for additional mentorship or supervision to support your nutrition practice and expand your professional community.

Join our mentorship or CNS supervision

Get the most out of your consultations

BioLounge functional medicine nutritionist Megan Barnett, MS, CNS, walks you through an initial consultation. You'll learn what to achieve in that first meeting and how to determine next steps.

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